How To Make A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Trick

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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on television. I’ve watched this holiday special since I was a child and now get to share the Christmas special every year with my daughters. My favorite part of the classic television special, now playing for the 50th season, is when he goes to get the Christmas tree and picks out the tree that no one wants because the little tree needs him, but no one else does. It takes Linus to remind the rest of the gang and the viewers that maybe the tree isn’t all that bad really… It’s not a bad little tree, really. It just needs a little love. Linus That Linus guy is pretty smart. He gets some of the best lines in the special. An Iconic Symbol – the Meaning of Christmas Several years ago I discovered that a company was making a scrawny replica of Charlie’s tree that you could bring home to love for yourself, so I ordered for my daughters to teach them the meaning of Christmas. When the tree arrived they immediately set it up and wrapped it in a blue blanket. Each year since, the scrawny little tree is the one tree that still gets put up at our house. The Charlie Brown tree has become an iconic symbol of the meaning of Christmas, a reminder to all of us that all we just need is a little love. Since the replica artificial tree was introduced as an alternative Christmas tree, many, many people bringing home, to the office, or to the dorm their own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

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