Table Top Aluminum Christmas Tree Trick

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The 60s were an oddball kitsch all together. They liked everything unique, everything quirky and everything whimsical. A trend that also originated in the 60s was the usage of aluminum tree, also known as tinsel tree. It appealed to the people for its unique and modern look and the fact that it was easy to set up, take down and did not require loads of ornaments and lightings. However, the craze was pretty short lived and did not last for more than a decade. If you want to recreate the 60s era and wish to set up an aluminum Christmas tree in your house, you’re at the right place. Below we’ve created a list of aluminum Christmas tree decoration ideas you can refer. You May Also Like To Read: Aluminum Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas A Plain Aluminum Christmas Tree: If you want to give a retro look to your decoration, there can be no better idea than this. It incorporates everything retro, right from an aluminum Christmas to the recorder. The blogger has also managed to get hold of some 60s magazines.

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